Annual Report

Review of our year: 2023

Our core work:

A Community Anchor Organisation

MCDT has continued to operate as a “neighbourhood anchor” organisation, acting as a hub for community life in the neighbourhood. Historically the Moseley Exchange building has been considered a focus for community life and many small interest groups use it for meetings or leisure activities. It is also seen as a place to either gather or distribute local information and build local economic activity.  This year we added a 2nd building to help grow us as a platform for our community to thrive.

Moseley Hive Into Community Ownership

Perhaps the biggest achivement for 2023 was taking Moseley Hive into community ownership.  We had been running this former high street shop as a meanwhile space, creating an enviroment for easily accesible community activity to blossom.

With support we were able to agree to buy the building from the landlords.  It was met with great celebration and excitment.

A perfect ilustration of quite how much happens here can be found on the instgram page for Moseley Hive.

Moseley for Ukraine

An unexpected but key part of our work has been to respond to the war in Ukraine. Initially this was through a huge donation drive organised by residents and supported by MCDT under the banner of Moseley for Ukraine. This developed as local residents offered to host people fleeing the war in Ukraine and saw Moseley as the largest ward in terms of the number of people from Ukraine staying with host families. We held weekly drop in activities, wellbeing activities, ESOL classes and other services. We have employed part time workers from Ukraine to support this work, initially funded through our reserves and later through funding from Birmingham City Council.

Click here for our most recent financial report.

Moseley Alterative Giving and Cost of Living

As the Cost of Living Crisis hit we have seen residents impacted through increased energy costs, increased food costs and rising rents and mortgages. In supporting residents through this MCDT delivered the second round of Household Support Fund, working as a neighbourhood hub in partnership with GreenSquareAccord. These were small one off grants of up to £200 with the team supporting over 350 residents to access this funding. In addition through funding secured through the Birmingham City Council Food SOS fund we have been able to continue to provide food to those attending the weekly outreach. This is on top of our ongoing work to help people at risk of homlessness through a dedicated outreach worker. 

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