Introduction to Volunteering

Moseley CDT aims to support a wide range of volunteer action for the benefit of all sections of the community within the neighbourhood of Moseley.
As part of our commitment to promoting excellence in volunteering and voluntary work we can offer practical advice and information for all those who want to work as volunteers and for those managing volunteers.

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is choosing to give some of your time and energy, without payment, for the benefit of the community and the individual (you). This can be by working for a not-for-profit organisation, such as a charity or other group.

The value of volunteering

Much of the joy and value of volunteering comes from its spontaneity. Volunteering is not just a means of helping individuals or causes; it is a huge boost to the economy of this country and ultimately benefits society as a whole. It is very rewarding and volunteers often develop new skills and increase their confidence.

Why Volunteer?

People volunteer for various reasons. Some of these may be to:

  • help your community
  • make use of your free time
  • give assistance to those less fortunate than you
  • meet new people in Moseley
  • develop your work experience and enhance your C.V.
  • have peace of mind and satisfaction that you are doing something worthwhile
  • acquire new skills and confidence
  • broaden your horizons
  • share hobbies
  • have fun
  • recognise your abilities and potential

Who can volunteer?

Everyone! - whatever your age, job status, ethnicity or abilities. Your volunteering opportunities will depend on:

  • your skills and qualifications
  • how much time you can spare
  • when you are available
  • where you live
  • how far you are willing to travel

How much time should I give?

As much or as little as you like - although your commitment will have to be agreed with the organisation for whom you volunteer. Think carefully about how much time you can give at first. It is important that you do not let people down once you have started volunteering as they will be relying on you.

Do I need qualifications?

Not normally, although some work may require particular skills. Some organisations train their volunteers in the specific skills they require.

For more details on the volunteering opportunities in Moseley and the surrounding neighbourhood please e-mail or visit the Moseley Exchange.