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Jonathan Smith - webmasterJonathan Smith - webmaster
This website is designed and created by me, Jonathan Smith. I live in Moseley and I'm an IT contractor so I do computer programming for a living, but not in the field of website building - this is just a hobby.

I code the html, css, javascript and php manually (I don't use packages like DreamWeaver), and I validate the resulting pages for
adherence to standards using the World Wide Wed Consortium (W3C) validators. Not all pages pass yet, but I'm working on it.

Valid HTML 4.01
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History of this website

October 2013 Final few active pages converted from old site .php into Drupal content.
July 2013 New events calendar implemented in Drupal.
March 2010 Converted the website to Drupal for the Big Plan functionality. Existing pages remain non-Drupal in the first instance.
June 2008 Matt has FTP access and can put his own changes live
Jan 2008 Matt Colleran starts to update some pages, offline for e-mailing to Jonathan for checking and uploading
18th Dec 2007 Meet with Matt Colleran and Tony Thapar to discuss ways for Matt to take on some of the website updating workload from Jonathan
Jan 2007 Moseley Forum website developed to share the same online diary input. Moseley Forum events are displayed on the Forum website automatically
27th March 2005 Discussion boards go live and Diary maintained by specified users
26th March 2005 Demonstrate diary update functions to Naomi & Jill
25th Sept 2004 Diary edit function goes live (for webmaster)
3rd August 2004 Volunteer and Organisation database goes online
14th June 2004 Police surgery page automatically maintained via javascript
21st May 2004 Dynamic diary page, read from database
24th April 2004 Launch at Info Centre open day
6th March 2004 Buy a hosting package from Orchard Hosting, to use php and mySql
9th Jan 2004 Show demo of new website to Joy and Tony
Oct 2003 I happen to go along to the Moseley CDT Volunteer Open Day to see if they want any new volunteers. Meet Joy Filingham, who asks if I know anyone who can build a website?