The Organisation

The Aim

The aim of Moseley Community Development Trust is to improve the neighbourhood through a combination of social, economic and environmental projects.

The Details

The CDT is a community enterprise organisation. We are community-led and are doing it for ourselves, trying not to be dependent on others. We look for practical answers to local problems and aim to achieve sustainable solutions. We are a member of the Locality, and like other Development Trusts we are:

  • Focussed on the neighbourhood of Moseley
  • Under community control
  • Tackling the whole picture
  • Not for private profit
  • Working toward financial independence

Our governing document

Moseley Community Development Trust's governing document can be downloaded below.

The legal bit

Moseley CDT is a company registered in England with company number 4163271, and the registered charity number is 1087949.

The Formation

Moseley Community Development Trust is an independent charity and company limited by guarantee, founded in 2001 by The Moseley Society and the Central Moseley Neighbourhood Forum* with help from the Moseley and District Churches Housing Association
( * nb. Central Moseley Neighbourhood Forum has since been renamed to just Moseley Forum and Moseley and District has become Ashram Moseley Housing Association)

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