1. How can we make the village centre better?: 
Make the village green more grassy On farmers' market days and during Moseley's festivals make the Alcester Road from Reddings Road to the Balsall Heath lights, Salisbury Road to Amesbury Road closed to cars. It would be open to buses, taxis, electric vehicles and bikes. This would make it far more relaxing and discourage car use. We need to cherish Moseley's character and its independent businesses. Two supermarkets are enough.
2. How could we attract more local jobs?: 
With business hubs. You would have lots of businesses sharing a space, heating costs, care-shares and producing high-quality crafts. It could be a green building with insulation, light tunnels and solar panels.
3. How could we make it easier to get to work, school and the shops?: 
Simply get rid of cars. Moseley is gridlocked during rush hour. We need a pedestrian crossing in Wake Green Road at Church Road.
4. What should we do to protect or improve our historic buildings and parks?: 
Let Moseley Park remain private - it would become overcrowded otherwise. Keep the rangers in Cannon Hill Park. Other parks in the area need wardens. Can we rebuild the Italian-style garden wall in Highbury Park?
6. In the future, what types of homes will be needed?: 
Rented and affordable homes will be needed for able-bodied, child-free people under 60. These people currently have very little provision.
7. How can we make Moseley a greener place to live?: 
Can the binmen take all the plastic? Can we have a compost collector near the bottle bank as some people don't have a garden to compost in. Please give us a congestion charge: I works brilliantly in London. Please do not enclose Moseley Bog in walls and charge people to get in. We don't want a visitors' centre. It's fine as it is.
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