Moseley & Kings Heath Neighbourhood Wardens

Moseley and Kings Heath Neighbourhood Warden - unfortunately this project has now stopped

the new Neighbourood Warden is to be shared between two people: Helen Rehman and Philip Osman - you can reach them on 449 8585 or by email:

  • You can follow the Wardens at MKHW Blog

    A neighbourhood warden

    Purpose of the role: To build relationships which enable residents groups, public agencies and businesses in Moseley and Kings Heath to develop their collective power to act together to make Moseley and Kings Heath Ward clean, green and safe.

    Context: Moseley and Kings Heath Ward wants to pilot a new way of working to overcome the current reduction in services from the City Council. There is an opportunity for a new post that can help co-ordinate public services and community action to make the neighbourhood cleaner, greener and safer. At present there are two groups working towards this aim, the “clean, green and safe environment” group and the Moseley Community Alcohol Partnership. They both contain representatives from local voluntary groups, Council officers, the Police and other specialist charities. Involving residents and businesses in the delivery of actions arising from these groups, is now a priority.

    History 2002-2013

    Moseley CDT previously employed two Street Wardens, who worked to make Moseley a better place to live.

    Reduction in street drinking
    There has been continuation in street drinking and begging in Moseley. Moseley Street Wardens were been able to help some of those living on the streets find help to change their lives. But the persistent drinkers and beggars were passed to the Police. Moseley's shopping area has become a more pleasant place to stay and shop now but needs constant attention.

    Improvements to the local environment
    During their patrols, Moseley Street Wardens regularly reported to the city council details of abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, graffiti and vandalism. They worked with Officers from the Council's Environmental services department and often helped make residents and traders aware of the different ways the Council can help. They also helped community groups with their own environmental projects such as Moseley in Bloom.