Moseley Websites

Moseley Websites

Here are links to the other main Moseley websites

Moseley & District Churches Housing Association

Moseley Park and Pool

An oasis of calm in the middle of Moseley

The Moseley Festival

B13 (but not the magazine)

Moseley Round Table

Formed in 1951 and still going strong. Have contributed many thousands of pounds and hours of time to Moseley groups over the years.

General websites with Moseley content

Here are some general websites with pages relating to Moseley.

Eye On Moseley

Very funny!

The Knowhere Guide

Moseley page on the Knowhere Guide


The Moseley page on Wikipedia


This is the Moseley page at

Moseley E-group

This site is not being updated - an interesting frozen point in history!


Moseley Blog on blogspot

About My Area

Moseley page in

Specific Local Interest

These sites run for a specific purpose or by a certain group in Moseley.

Moseley Rugby

Moseley Rugby Club is one of the most famous institutions of Moseley and important in the history of rugby in this country.