Exchange Stories

A collection of stories from people who and live work in Moseley

About The Project - the project has been completed now.
The ‘Exchange stories’ is an ongoing digital storytelling project begun by the University of Birmingham and Moseley Community Development (CDT) in 2013. The aim is to capture the many different stories, experiences and journeys of the people who live and work in Moseley to make them more visible to people within and outside the neighbourhood.

Digital storytelling is an easy and accessible technique consisting of recording a short audio story, editing it with some still photographs from the storyteller in the format of a video, and then sharing this video online.

Exchange Stories forms part of a much larger Arts and Humanities Research Council Connected Communities funded project entitled ‘Media, Community and the Creative Citizen’. This project spans six universities working with several community partners across the UK and explores how creative citizenship can generate value for communities in the new media landscape of Web 2.0. As part of this project, Moseley CDT, one of the community research partners, has been working with Dr Caroline Chapain from the Business School at the University of Birmingham to explore how creative citizenship is expressed in Moseley and to what extent digital media support this. For more information on the project as a whole, along with reflections and outcomes from our specific strand, please take a look at our project website at

All the Exchange Stories on the online site were collected and edited by the research team at the University of Birmingham led by Dr Caroline Chapain and by staff members, Jessica Harold and Maria Garcia-Bernal, from Moseley CDT. Exchange Stories is an ongoing project, so, if you would like to have your story featured on the site, please enquire at the Moseley Exchange; Moseley’s Community hub.

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Images from the launch of the Exchange Stories mural

More Information and Contacts

Dr Caroline Chapain, Birmingham Business School, The University of Birmingham
Email:, Twitter: @chapainc

The Moseley Exchange
Email:, Twitter: @MoseleyExchange

Media, Community and the Creative Citizen project
Website:, Twitter: @CrtvCitizens