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The Moseley Exchange

The Moseley Exchange is a place to meet, work, and set new projects in motion.

  • A platform to launch new projects, or just make them better. Flexible work space, business support services and networks all in your neighbourhood.
  • Need access to people you haven't met yet? Need knowledge and information? Need ideas?
  • Starting out, already established, working from home, nowhere to work, meeting clients, making a presentation or just want to think out loud.

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All drawings and plans are by Mueller Kneer Architects

Download draft plans of the new building project

3D plan of the Moseley Exchange

3D plan of the Moseley Exchange (this drawing will be revised to show correct location of lift)

Architect's drawing of new rear view

Architect drawing of new rear view

Architect's drawing of ground floor

Architect drawing of ground floor

Our thanks to the following for their involvement with the project -

Boxer Consulting Ltd

Faithful & Gould Barques Design Ltd
European Regional Development Fund logo

Click on this link to see photographs of the building work

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