Moseley's Big Plan (Moseley supplementary planning document)

We are pleased to inform you that Moseley's Big Plan has now been adopted by Birmingham City Council.

You can download a copy of the plan at the bottom of this page.

We asked for your help in producing Moseley's BIG PLAN. Local residents were asked to submit their big ideas for improving the area. Since that initial consultation we have been working with Birmingham City Council to work out a new plan that will help protect Moseley's character but still let it develop and remain a flourishing neighbourhood for years to come. The last plan was drawn up 1992 and so needs to be updated. This is the first time residents in Birmingham have been allowed to lead on such a plan. The aim of this new document is to provide guidance so the following outcomes are achieved:

  1. Moseley is a better place to live, work.
  2. Local resident’s vision for Moseley is realised.
  3. The neighbourhood character is preserved and enhanced.
  4. Developers, investors, businesses and others understand local priorities.
  5. Moseley helps tackle climate change.

All of the repsonses we received were considered and we have attempted to include as many of the ideas as possible in to the draft of the Moseley Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Please note the following:

  1. Consultation over the SPD has now ended
  2. Thank you to all those residents and businesses that participated in the consultation
  3. You're still welcome to send us comments, here at Moseley CDT.

Thank you,
Dr. Austin Barber (Chair)
The Moseley Regeneration Group

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