Moseley Community Alcohol Partnership

Moseley is tackling street drinking and begging in the neighbourhood

The Community Alcohol Partnership is an voluntary group that is seeking to:

  • • To reduce harm to the local community caused by longstanding street-drinking and begging issues
  • • To deliver cultural change and positively challenge public perceptions
  • • To direct young or old drinkers to appropriate local services (holistic support)
  • Evaluation

    Below you can download a summary of the findings for the project that was undertaken by the Partnership with funding from central government.

    PSPO - Public Space Protection Order

    A Public Space Protection Order is now in place in Moseley and Kings Heath. This Order began on the 26th September and will be in place for 12 months. The following prohibitions will be enforced within the public spaces:

  • An adult (over 18) is prohibited from remaining (either individually or in a group of two or more people) within the
    restricted area after an authorised person has requested that the group disperse.
  • A person is prohibited from being verbally abusive, using or threatening the use of violence to any other person within the restricted area.
  • A person (over 18) is restricted from having in possession open cans, bottles or other unsealed containers containing alcohol.
  • An authorised officer may request that any person likely to cause alcohol related violence stops drinking alcohol. A person (over 18) is prohibited from refusing to stop drinking alcohol when asked to do so by an authorised officer.
  • A person is prohibited from ingesting, inhaling, injecting, smoking or possessing intoxicating substances.
  • A person is required to surrender any goods, items and materials that are being used, or are likely to be used, to
    engage in unauthorised graffiti related activity within the restricted area.
  • What you can do

    Public Space Protection Orders are there to protect the community. If you see anyone breaking these conditions, inform the police on 101.

    The full notice about the Order can be downloaded below.

    MOSELEY ATLERTNATIVE GIVING CAMPAIGN (MAGC) - help stop the cycle of begging

    Instead of giving directly to people who are begging we encourage you to give to MAGC. The money raised in this way is used to help people struggling with addiction to access support agencies for advice, housing, clothing or equipment.

    If you see somebody sleeping rough, call 0300 500 0914 or go to Streetlink or contact Birmingham City Council - The Street Intervention Team by calling 0345 60 20 533

    Impact Pathways is a tool to help find support services across the West Midlands

    The Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign was set up in response to residents’ concerns regarding homelessness, begging, and anti-social behaviour, often alcohol-related, in and around Moseley. The campaign provides a way to help people in genuine need, while also helping end incidents of intimidation or deception.

    We encourage residents to donate via collecting tins rather than giving directly to people asking for money on the street.

    The money collected is then distributed in the form of a grant, via a panel and a referral by a professional worker, to address, where possible, the immediate and, hopefully, the longer term needs of people who may find themselves on the streets, including support for any underlying issues of homelessness, alcohol or drug addiction, family problems, or mental illness.

    MAGC was initially set up with funding secured by the Moseley Community Alcohol Partnership (MCAP), based at the Moseley Exchange. MCAP is supported by residents, City councillors, local authority officers, the Moseley Forum, the Moseley and Kings Heath Community Forum, the Moseley Community Development Trust and, of course, the police.

    Our tins can be found in many of the shops, cafes and pubs around Moseley and residents have been very generous in supporting our campaign.

    It is very hard to walk past someone who is asking for money, but, through our campaign, we have been able to help a number of individuals achieve a better quality of life and, in partnership with the police, have been able to identify those who are intimidatory or not in genuine need.

    You may choose to give directly to people on the street and that is your right – we are just hoping that you will consider donating to MAGC as an alternative and, possibly, a more positive way to help.

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